Production and development process

  • Customer demand
  • Technical scheme
  • Design Implementation
  • Prototype test
  • engineering pilot run
  • Deliver customers

Product Display

With high-quality service and good reputation, Voerly develops steadily in the CNC precision machining industry.

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what we do

Dongguan Voerly Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Sixin Factory) was established in July,1996 in DaLang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
It near Songshan Lake Area with convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive high-tech company engaged in precision machinery parts processing, fixture design development and production, radiator design development and production.
The main production processes include CNC precision machining, CNC lathe machining, stamping, riveting, assembly, etc. The products are related to industry of medical, communication, Automarket, military, connector, radiator module and other fields.
With the high-quality service and good reputation, Voerly is developing steadily in the CNC precision processing industry, not only in the non-standard parts processing, but also in precision component processing, radiator product processing, precision fixture processing. The company has made great progress and provided value-added services for customers to complete one-stop shopping

Quality assurance

We always adhere to the principle of providing customers with the best quality products on the basis of reasonable price. We control the product quality by combining "prevention" and "inspection", provide safe and reliable quality control technology for production, escort CNC precision machining, precision casting and stamping processing, and complete your entrustment.


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